The Jacksonville Internet Exchange (JXIX) was originally established in September 2011 as a private interconnection between three networks in Jacksonville. Starting in October 2011 other ISP's became interested in interconnecting, and the JXIX was formed. Networks and content providers began to participate in the JXIX due to the low/no cost involved, and it began to grow.

JXIX is a settlement free peering co-op initiative in Jacksonville, FL.  All data centers, content providers, educational networks, and ISP's are welcome to participate in the peering exchange at no cost.

The JXIX donor model makes it so there is no fee for an organization's first GigE port, but multi-GigE and 10GE ports may involve a one-time port fee to cover costs of hardware.

The JXIX does not charge recurring fees and is run entirely by volunteers.

There are no requirements of participants, other than they follow the rules of the exchange. There are no peering requirements, although peering with other members is encouraged and is basically the point of connecting to the exchange.

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