Q: How do I contact the JXIX for non-urgent issues?
A: Email info@jxix.org.

Q: How do I contact JXIX Network Operations?
A: For service-affecting problems, please email noc@jxix.org. For non-urgent issues please email info@jxix.org.

Q: Location?
A: The mailing address is Jacksonville Internet Exchange, 800 Water Street #202, Jacksonville, FL  32204.  JXIX is located in participating Jacksonville, FL Data Center’s.

Q: Where do I go for an address allocation or to change the reverse DNS for an existing address allocation?
A: To change your existing address allocation, email info@jxix.org. For new participants, once your connection is up, you can request an allocation by sending the following to info@jxix.org:

Organization Name:
Organization URL (or Peering Policy page if available):
Reverse DNS FQDN: (ex. JXIX.example.net)
Tech Name:
Tech Email:
Tech Phone:
NOC Phone:
NOC Email:
Peering Email:
IPv6: (yes or no)
Multicast: (yes or no)

Q: What connection types and speeds are available?
A: You can connect via single-mode multi-mode fiber. Available speeds are 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps and port-channel multiples.

Q: What is the cost of connecting to the JXIX?
A: The JXIX donor model makes it so there is no fee for an organization’s first GigE port, but multi-GigE and 10GE ports may involve a one-time port fee. The JXIX does not charge recurring fees and is run entirely by volunteers.

The building management or your colocation provider will likely charge you for the cost of labor and materials for running a circuit to the JXIX, and may charge you a recurring fee.

Q: What are the rules?
A: Please check out http://jxix.org/index.php?page=rules.

Q: Any tips on configuring my router?
A: JXIX may help provide assistance in configuration for exchange point participants here. A variety of hardware is covered.


no ip gratuitous-arps
no ipv6 source route

JXIX-facing interface:

no cdp enable
no mop enable
udld port disable
no ip directed-broadcast
no ip redirects
no ip proxy-arp
ipv6 nd suppress-ra   (if ‘ipv6 nd ra suppress’ does not work)
ipv6 nd ra suppress   (if ‘ipv6 nd suppress-ra’ does not work)
no ipv6 mfib forwarding
no ipv6 mld router
no ipv6 pim
no ipv6 redirects

Q: Does the JXIX maintain a looking glass?
A: No, but Packet Clearing House does. Check out: http://lg.pch.net/

Q: What is the organizational structure of the JXIX?
A: The Jacksonville Internet Exchange, Inc. is currently a for-profit corporation operating as a DBA under Galaxy Networks. Our articles of incorporation are located at sunbiz.org

Q: Who is on the JXIX board and who are the officers?
A: Not established (President), not established (Vice President), not established (Secretary/Treasurer), not established.

We are looking for interested volunteers to serve on the board

Q: What mailing lists are available for participants?
A: The mailing lists will be available soon