The JXIX network is located within participating Data Center’s in Jacksonville, FL.  JXIX will be availible to all participating data centers and isp’s at no cost, except to the means of network transport to the primary node.

If you would like to colo in the facilities, please contact any of the participating data centers.

There are a number of ways to connect to the JXIX core fabric.  The participants web page indicates how each peer is connected. We recommend that you connect directly to the core, as described here, if able.

Connections to the core switch are either 1 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet using single-mode or multi-mode fiber.

There is no charge from the JXIX for your first GigE port. Due to a limited number of available ports, all requests for multi-GigE or 10GE ports are subject to the following guidelines:

General guideline on an additional GigE port is that 50% peak usage of present GigE capacity or a $300 one-time port fee of cash or equivalent, will secure a participant an additional GigE port.

Each 10GE port has a $500 one-time port fee of cash or hardware you may provide.

The participating colocation has pre-wired fiber from the fiber-meet-me-room (FMMR) to the JXIX rack. They sell of pairs of this fiber for a one-time fee to recoup their costs.

If you are a tenant, email and tell them you need a single-mode fiber allocation for the JXIX. They will then allocate a jack on their panel in the FMMR for you. Once that is done, your tech can run a cross-connect from your allocated panel.

If you are using a colocation provider, your provider will need to do the above.

For GigE you will need to provide an SFP (FOUNDRY-LH-SM or compatible). For 10GE you will need to provide an SFP+ (FOUNDRY 10GBASE-LR or compatible), or as an additional way to support the community, we can provide an SFP+ for your circuit for $500.

Our postal address is:

Jacksonville Internet Exchange
421 W Church Street suite#802
Jacksonville, FL 32202


If you decide to give additional SFPs/SFP+s or additional money, you will be recognized on the contributers page for your added donation. The JXIX exists because of donations.

Once you are cross-connected and have achieved link, you will need an IP address allocation. To request address space, please complete the following and send it to


Organization Name:

Organization URL (or Peering Policy page if available):


Reverse DNS FQDN: (ex.

Tech Name:

Tech Email:

Tech Phone:

NOC Phone:

NOC Email:

Peering Email:

IPv6: (yes or no)

Multicast: (yes or no)


While waiting for your allocation, please configure your router and JXIX-facing interface accordingly.

After you are connected and have your router configured with the IP address, you will probably want to contact the current participants about peering.

Don’t forget to read and follow the rules!

If you have any questions let us know at info@